Polkadot projects started to claim their spaces on Subsocial

Last week, to bootstrap the network and ensure that users have some degree of trust in the content of the network, Subsocial team has reserved more than 200 spaces for known Polkadot ecosystem projects. These projects include chains, tools, validators, and recipients of grants from Web3 Foundation.

Since then a number of Polkadot projects have been claimed by their real founders. Among these projects are:

  • Acala – a stablecoin for Polkadot.
  • DatDot – a storage solution over Hypercore protocol on Substrate.
  • Usetech – develops Unique – NFT network.
  • substraTEE – privacy modules for Substrate-based chains.
  • Encointer – a digital proof of personhood and a basic income in a local cryptocurrency.
  • Litentry – authorization and data exchange infrastructure on Polkadot / Substrate.
  • srtool – a toolbox to verify Substrate runtimes.
  • Polkabot – Polkadot network monitoring and reporting using Element chat (ex Riot).
  • Registrar #1 – identity verifier on Polkadot/Kusama.

We as the Subsocial team encourage the founders of other Polkadot projects to claim their spaces. We are happy to transfer their ownership to your account. For this, reach out us at Twitter @DappForce or contact Alex from Subsocial on Element/Matrix (ex Riot) in "W3F Grants Community" chat or Substrate Builders chats.

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