Event Series: A personal take on a growing industry

For our next Web3 Gaming Event, we will be going behind the scenes. What motivates someone to devote their professional life to Web3? What is it like to work at the bleeding edge of decentralized gaming?

To answer these questions, our Chief Operations Officer, Tristan Jose, will sit down with Nicholas Douzinas, Head of Business Development at Ajuna. Nicholas will talk about the games that first immersed him in gaming culture and how Web3 will change the gameplay experience. Tristan will discuss how he joined Integritee and why he feels aligned with their mission.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain an insider’s perspective on working in Web3. If you have any questions for Tristan or Nicholas, leave them in the comments on Twitter below this post before Thursday at 10:00 am CET. To increase your chances of being selected, simply follow us on Twitter and Telegram, and tag 3 friends in your reply.