External Human weakness: why MFA isn’t the answer

🤔 With multi-factor authentication flaws blamed for yet another major crypto heist, you have to wonder, is it safe for organizations to rely on MFA to protect their data⁉️

Despite all the attention being paid to improving MFA, and educating users about better security practice, there’s a fundamental problem. ⚠️

Humans are always going to be the weak spot in any security plan – whether because they choose convenience over safety, or because they fall prey to expert deception and just hand over the virtual keys. People are simply too vulnerable to manipulation.

Our co-founder & CEO Waldemar Scherer argues that, since data is a business’s most valuable asset, ideally, humans shouldn’t have access to it at all. If you need data-driven insights based on sensitive personal records, consider whether a secure enclave might be the way to go – giving you all the intelligence, without the risk. ✅

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