Subsocial in a nutshell

It’s a the culmination of negative experiences that prompt us to toll this path.

Subsocial is a technology for taking back control of our social network,for too long have we allowed very “few” centralized entities to take charge of our life,data and speech,Subsocial gives us the tools to create and manage social networks as we deem fit.

Why subsocial?

Global censorship : It came as a shock to everyone when President Trump social media accounts were removed from the internet,not too long the government of Nigeria banned it citizens from accessing twitter over a spat it had with twitter,this is following twitter’s decision to delete President Buhari’s tweet. So we now see that no one is off the control of these forces. Censorship of this scale is bad as the labour of years can be wiped off in a matter of seconds simply because a platform does not agree with you. Imagine a Youtube creator who have spent the last five years of his life producing contents and amassing a large following,whose accounts was deleted because he commented on a controversial topic. Another risk with this sort of censorship is that it seeks to control a population,gag the truth.

Unfair monetization : We all know the cliche, “Elephant de work, ant de chop”,meaning some persons work so hard for little while certain entities get all the benefits. There are no fair compensation processes for contributors of all kinds in modern social networks,everyone who contributed some level of effort to create,share,upvote etc a content should be compensated.

Monopoly on network effects : The likes of facebook, twitter etc have the network effects,they are the go to platform for online communication,we have heard stories of abuse of such powers from sabotaging the growth of upcoming competitors to be shady with API access to the network,the stories of such abuse are countless.

Lack of customization : Social networks today are boring,almost everyone have the same look and feel. We need some innovation in the aspect,users should be able to control the development of their network space and shape it to how they deem.

Algorithm dictatorship : Algorithm dictatorship sterns from the fact that users have no idea of what algorithms run a platform,users can’t opt for a change,you either accept the platform and it closed sourced algorithm or leave.

Core Features

Subsocial is a solution to the problems of existing social networks,for too long have we suffered,never again thanks to subsocial.

Serverless public timeline : Subsocial aims to be decentralized as much as possible,from development to storage to moderation,subsocial seeks to play a very minimal role. Contents on subsocial are stored on chain,they are immutable and uncensorable.

Roles and permissions : There are built in permission levels into the protocol,when a space(account) is created,roles and permissions are clearly spelt out.

User governance and Moderation : The governance of subsocial is in the hands of the community,unlike today centralized social networks where “one size fits all” rule apply,the governance and moderation of a community is dependent on a community,so what is considered prohibitive in community A may not be in community B.

Spaces as DAOs : A space in subsocial is the equivalent of accounts in web2 social networks, a space can be like a DAO with multiple owners whose responsibilities and remunerations are clearly spelt out.

Treasury : Subsocial allows for an on-chain accounting system where the developments and promotion of a space can be managed.

Monetization on subsocial

We all work for something,in so much as we are passionate about a certain topic or aspect,if we are duly compensated,we will be incentivized to produce more. Subsocial understands this and is taking the right approach. Tipping : Users who consume content from a space(account) will be able to tip content creators easily,also owners of a space can decide to gate their content and allow only subscribed users access just like it’s with patreon.

NFTs : Subsocial allows for the tokenization of content as an non fungible token(NFT),one can easily turn their content to an NFT,sell or rent it out.

Social tokens : Users or community members can easily create tokens for their space,the token may serve several functions ranging from governance voting,tipping,access to content and incentives for various contributions.

Smart contracts : Subsocial allows for smart contracts thanks to substrate,developers may deploy advance smart contracts to a particular space.

Promoted comments : Not only content can be promoted,comments may be promoted as well.

Ads : Users of the network or space can opt in for ads,these ads are not intrusive,one can opt in and out.

So please start using subsocial today