Creating the first ever snapshot collaboration of Singular Creators

Community is everything and collaboration is a wonderful way to expand your community in building a two-directional bridge with fellow pioneering community creators. For a number of weeks the interest in NFTs is growing exponentially, kusama native NFT platform RMRK has its Singular app. Singular enables anyone with a small bit of KSM and a polkadot.js wallet to create, mint and list their creativity as NFTs.

Personally I became involved very early in Singular, there have been a number of creators pioneering the space with their fantastic creations.

The aim of this big collaboration was to work with these pioneers to produce one NFT composed of spaces each an NFT itself representing the creators collections or as an expression of their work.

Selection of the creators involved was primarily from those that I personally collaborated with, interacted with or admired as creators and have seen on various social media platforms or on the RMRK discord/telegrams.

When the artwork is complete we will be releasing two versions to the public for an open bid style auction and the highest bid before cutoff will win the NFT. NFT proceeds will then be divided equally between all 22 contributing artists to do as they please.

Any further copies of this NFT must be approved by a majority of contributors before commission.

We will also be looking to create another BIG collaboration in the future, which will include 4x the number of contributors (as the Singular ecosystem grows)

In no particular order here are the collaborators that has submitted their art to be incorporated into this snapshot in time: Collections: KusamaDuckz & Canary Punks Collections: Talking Head Cards, CBD, Singular Birds, Slighto & RARE GODS Collections: Blase Bonobos Space Force, Logos Bonobo, Bonobo Specials Collections: Kupepe Collections: Inner Kingdom & Rubentopia Collections: Infinite Kanary, Infinity Chaos & Kute Canary Collections: Anekdote NFTs, Crypto Warhols, Expect Chaos Collection & Futura Carnival Cut Collections: Shibamojis, Shiba Tales Flash Sales, Shiba Tales Art Collection & Super Tako Collection Collections: Henchmen Collections: Kusama Punks Collections: Shroomiz Collections: Autistic Apes Collections: Astronauts, Substranauts & Pablos Collection Collections: Kusama Skulls, King of Skulls, Kusamus Avatar, Wave & RNDM Art Collections: Too many to list, but here is a link to their vast collections: Collections: Guns Collection & Digital Mirror Collections: ChaosDAO Apes Collections: Kitty Paradise, Kitty Box, Dreambits Collections: Ku Collection Collections: Too many to list, but here is a link to their vast collections: Collections: Chad's Canaries Collections: Second Rate Clown & Second Rate Clown Circus Tickets

We are collecting the last couple of contributions to the overall piece and anticipate the release of the artwork to be in the next 7 days. Keep and eye on our space here on subsocial & also on twitter for updates.

An NFT of NFTs, each one contributed by an early pioneering creator in the Kusama NFT world that is RMRK or specifically Singular. This space covers the collaboration between these fantastic creators and their work.


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