Dotsama help for Ukraine

24 February at 5 am Russia attacked Ukraine from all fronts: Eastern(Russian border), South(Crimea border), North(Belarus border), including the capital, Kyiv. Russia is bombing not only military objects but also civil houses. There are cases of Russian soldiers killing women and children. It’s unbelievable violence in the 21st century.

We want to protect civilians as well as protect our motherland from Russian occupation to keep Ukraine free, safe and independent. This is not a conflict, not a dispute. Russia wants to destory our country's freedom.

Supercolony CEO, Markian stays in Ukraine and does his best to protect his team members. Also, he is constantly in touch with his few military friends and Donbas operation veterans - in both Kyiv and other counties. His story in full -

Supercolony created two funds: helping the Ukrainian army and helping civilians. You can choose between these two options or use both of them.

We decided not to be just an intermediary between our crypto friends and charity funds, so we will send money raised from military fund straight to the front line to cover urgent army needs. Everything bought will be officially reported on twitter acc

Wallets for donations👇🏻

Defenders fund:

Dotsama addresses ($DOT $KSM $ACA $ASTR $KAR $SDN $PHA $BNC $KILT $QTZ $AIR $TEER $XOR $PCX)

EVM - Any EVM chain (Ethereum/BSC/ $MOVR $GLMR, etc) 0x0C3824F42DFE9C8872273eC76CCe81E9f2494318

BTC bc1qejsqgcmn6n0pxjkjle6m5unwp7tkqv8tmg5gd8

Humanitarian fund:


EVM: 0x8fDc72c324156395a5b127e9Db341C5dCD6484bb

Reach out to Supercolony BD if any questions: @alantropova in Telegram