Bifrost Address Creation & Restore Tutorial

How to create one Bifrost Address?


  • Select Accounts,Click Accounts

  • Click the button of Add account

  • Please fill in the account name, password and backup the mnemonic words or seed, then select Next after filling in

  • Accept the prompt and click Save to create an account

How to restore your Bifrsot Address?

  • Click Add account

  • Delete the existing mnemonic, and enter your own Bifrost mnemonic words

  • After entering your name and password, click Next

  • You will see the BNC balance in your Accounts page
Bifrost is the Polkadot Ecological DeFi basic protocol. It is committed to becoming an infrastructure for pledged assets to provide liquidity. It has launched a derivative vToken for Staking and Polkadot Parachain... Learn More