1. Genshiro - Canary network of Equilibrium & will launch its product on Kusama with the aim to battle test its technology by introducing a much wider range of assets than initially supported in Polkadot, lowering critical collateralization requirements to 100%. $GEN
  2. Having plan to join in Kusama parachain auction for slot 4 & 5, Genshiro aims to raise 100K $KSM from the community. Today, DotMarketCap Team would like to provide you with all the information relating to Genshiro Crowdloan.
  3. Supporting Genshiro, users can receive benefits:
  • 70% APR on participation in Kusama crowdloan.
  • 10% of the participant contribution in $GENS will be unlocked immediately
  • Contributors with <50 $KSM get 2,000 GENS:KSM. Those locking ≥50 $KSM will receive a 20% bonus.
  1. Genshiro and Dotmarketcap are cooperating to organize "Learn Genshiro - Earn 20000 $GENS ". Earn now:
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