Introducing SubQuery - Transform and Query the world’s data for Web3 future

It’s time to continue our series of 12 projects at 2021 Web 3.0 Bootcamp - the event which the whole community is looking for.

After Moonbeam, our #2 will be SubQuery Network.

SubQuery wants to help Polkadot/Substrate projects build better dApps by allowing anyone to reliably find and consume data faster. Their service will allow users to extract, transform, persist, and query data initially, as well as connect and present data in the future. Their aim is to make this a core piece of infrastructure for the Substrate/Polkadot ecosystem, just as The Graph has become for Ethereum.

SubQuery has introduced several products, including: SubQuery Tools, SubQuery Projects, SubQuery Explorer, and SubQuery Network (coming soon).

SubQuery Tools allow projects to generate their own SubQuery project, defining how the indexer should traverse and aggregate their own network. There’s a SubQuery node package that loads the defined SubQuery project created by the CLI and then indexes the network to a Postgres database. Using Hasura, developers can run GraphQL queries right away over indexed tables. With the help of these tools, and the community support material that the team is always improving, anyone can create and run queries easily.

SubQuery Projects create and deploy projects that will be hosted by SubQuery and can be shared to the Explorer. This help SubQuery achieve their mission to make the world’s decentralised data accessible. SubQuery Projects is the new place where you can publish your projects to their managed service. Once developers connect their GitHub accounts, developers are only minutes away from sharing their SubQuery project to over 500 users of the SubQuery Explorer. Their own project can be hosted online right next to existing SubQuery projects from Acala and Bifrost.

SubQuery Explorer is an online hosted service that provides access to published SubQuery projects made by contributors around the world and managed by the SubQuery team. With SubQuery Explorer, anyone can query and extract Polkadot network data in only minutes and at no cost. Also, SubQuery Explorer provides a playground for discovering available data with example queries. Users can play around with each SubQuery Graph using this explorer without implementing anything in code.

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