Kusama Crowdloan Update - July2

  1. Kusama Crowdloan Progress Update - July 2 The auction & crowdloan process of projects is still going on intensely. While Shiden Network is the biggest candidate for slot 3, slot 4 will be the most unpredictable race of other projects.

  2. PhalaNetwork, Bifrost Finance, Altair Network, Genshiro can all compete for this slot. Besides, we can't forget Basilisk, although they have not officially opened the crowdloan, they have confirmed that they will bid for slot4.

  3. The remaining names will also create the surprise (in case they bid a large amount of KSM) including Robonomics, Darwinia Network, PolkaFoundry, Clover Finance, Crust Network...

  4. PhalaNetwork Crowdloan Update https://twitter.com/PhalaNetwork/status/1410431728645070854

  5. Bifrost Finance Crowdloan Update https://twitter.com/bifrost_finance/status/1409891512855384066

  6. Altair Network Crowdloan Update https://twitter.com/PolkaWarriors_/status/1410474357361500160

  7. Genshiro Crowdloan Update https://twitter.com/GenshiroDeFi/status/1410233524699942913

  8. Basilisk Crowdloan Update https://twitter.com/PolkaWarriors_/status/1410532634204114947

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