Legitimate Project on Polkadot Series #5

Are you longing for the next legitimate project? If yes, let’s together move to the 5th one: Subsocial

  • An open platform for decentralized social networks & marketplaces.

Let’s together figure out more info about SubSocial

  1. Subsocial has received Web3 Foundation Grants Until now, SubSocial has received grants from W3F Open Grants Program for “SubSocial Chapter 2” & “SubSocial - Substrate module and web UI for decentralized communities”

  2. Active Development In one month, Subsocial node has 3 authors who have pushed 35 commits to master and 38 commits to all branches. On master, 87 files have changed and there have been 3,620 additions and 235 deletions. Check their work at: https://t.co/6LNnmPRKFu?amp=1

  3. Open source Subsocial is an open source. Check their Github for more information: https://t.co/6LNnmPRKFu?amp=1

  4. Whitepaper SubSocial has a well-written, detailed lightpaper that describes a Web 3.0 technology with the promise of data sovereignty. Read the lightpaper at their website: https://t.co/4a7UZPpikF?amp=1

  5. Subsocial is developed by DappForce , led by Alex Siman. SubSocial is mentored by top experienced people in the Polkadot: Shawn Tabrizi (core dev at Parity) Bruno Skvorc (tech edu at Web3). SubSocial displays their team prominently on their site. Check: https://t.co/wi8XJW5ZE2?amp=1

  6. Haven't issued token on another chain Subsocial has its own native token built on the Substrate blockchain framework. $SUB token uses the same technology as $DOT, $KSM, $EDG, and other tokens of Substrate-based chains.

  7. Parachain candidate SubSocial aims to be a parachain & has successfully tested on Rococo as a parachain and a parathread before moving over to Kusama Network and eventually Polkadot. https://t.co/0l7dkwtqCK?amp=1

  8. Talking about Subsocial, Dr. Gavin Wood said: “Subsocial, a general set of and IPFS-based social-network tools, is looking awesome. There are ideas on the table to purpose this for the, and perhaps , governance platform”.

  9. How to start using Subsocial? You will need to install the Polkadot.js extension in your browser. After the Polkadot extension is installed, create (or import) your account & then you can sign in on the Subsocial web dapp by visiting this link: https://t.co/BiZ9NFjjzh?amp=1

  10. Subsocial is one of the selected projects for Web3 Bootcamp 2.0, it also attracts the attention from many big VCs, if you still don't know much about Subsocial, read this tweet. https://twitter.com/DotMarketCap_/status/1395309233369874434

  11. Follow Subsocial’s channel to update their latest news:


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