Legitimate Project on Polkadot Series #6

One of the next legitimate projects on Polkadot that we would like to introduce to the community is PolkaBTC - Financially Trustless #Bitcoin on Polkadot, a product of InterlayHQ

Let’s together figure out more info about PolkaBTC

  1. PolkaBTC has received Web3 Grants Until now, PolkaBTC has received two grants from the W3F Open Grants Program including “Polkadot/BTC bridge specification (RFP)” & “Trustless BTC-Polkadot Bridge”.

  2. Active Development In one month, btc-parachain had 6 authors who pushed 82 commits to master and 82 commits to all branches. On master, 162 files have changed and there have been 10,802 additions and 10,084 deletions. Check their work at: https://t.co/QzXJMX3XQ0?amp=1

  3. Open source PolkaBTC is an open source. Check their Github for more information: https://t.co/QzXJMX3XQ0?amp=1

  4. Whitepaper PolkaBTC has a well-written, detailed document that describes InterBTC - Financially Trustless Bitcoin on Polkadot. Read the doc at their website: https://t.co/xyFTvbcHTY?amp=1

  5. Visible and reputable team With a team of innovative and experienced people, Interlay - team building PolkaBTC displays their team members prominently on their site, along with their social media profiles. See their team at https://t.co/BLloaVqiG4?amp=1

  6. Haven't issued token on another chain The tokens of PolkaBTC is Substrate-based, have not been launched on any other blockchain, which demonstrates their commitment to the ecosystem and their desire to expand on Polkadot.

  7. Parachain candidate PolkaBTC aims to be a parachain & has successfully tested on #Rococo as a parachain and a parathread before moving over to Kusama and eventually Polkadot https://twitter.com/polkaprojectcom/status/1351461462678536192

  8. Follow PolkaBTC’s channel to update their latest news: Discord: https://discord.gg/KgCYK3MKSf Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkaBTC https://t.co/jcaXTSFo2v?amp=1


See PolkaBTC on DotMarketCap: https://dotmarketcap.com/coin/polkabtc

Dotmarketcap is a website where you can find data of prices, charts, capitalization as well as the latest information and analysis of entire projects on the Polkadot ecosystem. The #DotEcoCap concept is the most... Learn More