Legitimate Project on Polkadot Series #8

Centrifuge - Unlocking liquidity for real world assets.

The untapped multi-trillion dollar market of real-world assets (RWA) is now entering DeFi through Centrifuge: the first protocol to connect DeFi to the real-world

  1. Centrifuge has received Web3 Grants Having received a grant is a strong indicator that a project is legitimate, & until now Centrifuge has received & completed 2 grants from W3F for “Substrate Go API client” & “Substrate / Ethereum Bridge”. https://t.co/N553MNMd9s?amp=1

  2. Active Development In one month, 7 authors have pushed 2 commits to master and 42 commits to all branches in Centrifuge-chain. https://t.co/eHwJ3n9TtK?amp=1

  3. Open source Centrifuge is an open source project. Check their Github: https://t.co/1pDYrQ4fWV?amp=1

  4. Whitepaper Centrifuge has a well-written, detailed document that focuses on Centrifuge chain, Tinlake, P2P Node, NFTs,...Read their whitepaper at https://t.co/Kj9W7zwnlG?amp=1

  5. The Centrifuge team consists of alumni of many of the world’s leading organizations, including Consensys, Electric Coin Company, Parity, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, SAP, Microsoft, Deloitte, United Nations, Federal Reserve, & more See their team at https://t.co/o8FKzTpERq?amp=1

  6. $CFG is built on Substrate but the Dapp is bridged to $ETH. This gives CFG an edge on accessing 2 of the biggest ecosystems: one for DeFi liquidity (ETH) & one for speed (DOT). $CFG is used for staking, paying transaction fees & in governance. https://t.co/RQPFmnAhuX?amp=1

  7. Centrifuge aims to be a parachain & has successfully tested on Rococo as a parachain named Chachacha before moving over to Kusama Network and eventually Polkadot. https://t.co/d9KRxaGwXS?amp=1

  8. Centrifuge has finished their token sales on Coinlist on May 31, 2021. https://twitter.com/PolkaWarriors_/status/1394555543717498882

  9. Centrifuge has just introduced its Kusama Parachain: Altair Network. This is a chain built for risk-takers and innovators daring to push the limits of DeFi. https://twitter.com/DotMarketCap_/status/1395426238160728067

  10. Read more about Centrifuge on DotMarketCap: https://t.co/XhWHykewFS?amp=1

  11. Read more about Altair Network on DotMarketCap: https://t.co/K1Chy1ZAmp?amp=1

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