Legitimate Project on Polkadot Series #9

As the first protocol built for privacy, scalability & interoperability on Polkadot, Manta Network has met all the necessary criterias to become a legitimate project.

Let’s together figure out more info about Manta Network

  1. MantaNetwork has received a grant and delivered the first milestone for “A Privacy Preserving Decentralized Exchange”. See more at their Github: https://t.co/N553MNMd9s?amp=1

  2. Active Development In one month, 7 authors have pushed 23 commits to calamari and 78 commits to all branches in the development of MantaPay Pallet. Read more at https://t.co/T4szuY2J2X?amp=1

  3. Open source Manta is an open source project. Check their Github: https://t.co/yPFD6OE2xn?amp=1

  4. Whitepaper Manta has a well-written, detailed whitepaper that describes Privacy Preserving Decentralized Exchange - what they’re building. Read their whitepaper at https://t.co/NQ6byuBjoK?amp=1

  5. Manta team includes professional and experienced people graduating from reputable universities: University of Washington, Havard University, or MIT.

  • Professor Shumo Chu - CEO
  • Victor Ji - CSO
  • Zhenfei Zhang - CTO
  • Kenny Li - CPO
  1. Manta token $MA,(built on Substrate) is the first deflationary utility token where rebate rewards, redemption, and token burns are generated from actual privacy-preserving network usage and growth in DeFi. The total amount of $MA tokens is 1,000,000,000

  2. Parachain candidate Manta Network aims to be a parachain & has successfully tested on Rococo as a parachain & parathread before moving over to Kusama Network and eventually Polkadot.

  3. MantaSwap - a private AMM exchange, their team has finished the prototype as well as ran some benchmarks, and this has shown an outstanding performance. https://twitter.com/MantaNetwork/status/1400108294744707072

  4. Read more about Manta Network: https://t.co/4BreLl22L3?amp=1

  5. Follow them on Telegram, Twitter and Medium to get the latest news.

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