PolkaWarriors and Dotmarketcap joined in Patract Open Platform

We are very happy to announce Dotmarketcap has become an alliance member of Patract Open Platform. With this cooperation, we would like to make a contribution in the construction of Wasm smart contract not only in the Polkadot ecosystem but also in others.

Sang Tran - Founder of PolkaWarriors and Dotmarketcap expressed his feelings: “Dr. Gavin Wood already said WebAssembly was the future of smart contracts. As a pioneer, Patract Labs was established with the purpose of providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps using Wasm contracts. In the role of an alliance member, we hope through joining in Patract Open Platform, we would be able to promote the Wasm smart contract to the community as well as contribute to the mission Dr. Gavin Wood has oriented.”

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