Subsquid Dev Log #3

Project Update | Subsquid Dev Log #3

  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) Updates on the docs related to upcoming Hydra V.5 release.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Automatic default logo sets for any new Subsquid project, as well as implemented mechanism for user defined logo upload.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) User flow is now finalised.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Command Line Interface) Supported project creation from CLI along with the version name provided by the user.
  • Subsquid Indexer Infrastructructure: Began working on a service that checks if npm packages update and update corresponding types.
  • Subsquid Core: Release hydra-indexer v4.2.0-alpha.8 with improved performance for fetching event and extrinsic data in one shot.
  • Subsquid Core: finishing deep support for runtime upgrades in the mappings.
  • Subsquid Core: Figuring out how to load block metadata in batches.
  • Subsquid Core: Started working on our own SCALE codec to improve polkadot.js performance.
  • Smart contract integration: Began working on smart contract scenarios and marrying them with the Subsquid hosted service.
  • Subsquid In Action: Open API for tracking Statemine assets is now live! Link:
  • Design: Created storage for all Subsquid designs with a clear structure.

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