Introducing Gear Technologies - An Advanced WASM-based smart contract platform

The competition to obtain a slot on Polkadot Auction is far from over. However, let’s take a rest of our eyes from crowdloan statistics, & check another parachain project - Gear Technologies - an advanced Layer 2 WASM-based smart contract platform which can deploy dApp <5 mins.

ETH Virtual Machine is the current trend on blockchain nowadays, however, EVM will soon be replaced by WASM or WebAssembly, and Gear answers with their solution, which allows anyone to build their dApps and focused to their project rather than build from scratch.

Gear's secret weapon is their smart contract module. Any smart contract is a WebAssembly program compiled in different languages such as Rust, C, etc. This creates a low entry barrier for those non-crypto devs as they can build smart contracts in familiar environments.

Gear was founded by Gear-Tech, a startup led by blockchain industry veteran Nikolay Volf, Ilya Veller & Alexander Bugorkov. The founders have years of experience in their respective backgrounds Nikolay Voft was an initial member of Parity, the company which created Polkadot. While Ilya has 20+ years of experience in the financial industry such as Morgan Stanley & Bank of America. And Alexander has extensive experience with successful startups like Spotify and Lyft.

To know more about Gear, you could visit their website, their medium , or join their Discord , they also usually held meetups & workshops in California, US. Just hang out with them!

Read more about Gear on DotMarketCap at:

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