"The NFT use cases of today are mainly about digital collectibles," said our CEO and founder, Alexander Mitrovich. "As the Metaverse grows and the boundaries between our digital and real lives start to blur, you will see a whole new evolution of NFTs. In collaboration with SupraOracles, we aim to breathe life into NFTs for the next generation!"

October has already been a busy month for the team at Unique Network, with the launch of Quartz, our Kusama parachain, a partnership with Art Curators Grid, and our latest partnership with Web3 data network, SupraOracles.

SupraOracles is an oracle platform that brings enterprise-standard oracles to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Through their innovative technology, SupraOracles empowers the developer community with a novel oracles toolset that efficiently creates, deploys, and manages data applications. As a platform devoted to lowering the barrier of entry for emerging technologies, working with SupraOracles to help further improve NFTs and the Metaverse was an easy decision for us.

Our partnership with SupraOracles will combine Unique's white-label NFT technology with SupraOracle's novel oracle toolset to improve the composition of the dynamic NFTs that we're nurturing through our advanced tools, marketplace, and platform. Together, both protocols are helping act as a bridge between contemporary networks and blockchain, so developers who are historically more familiar with Web2 can make an easier transition to Web3.

As Unique Network and our community continue building the future of the Metaverse, we'll utilize SupraOracle's technology to locate and collect real-world data feeds so that the dynamic NFTs that people create with our technology will have the most optimized information possible. In the future, we may employ SupraOracles' cross-chain bridges to develop and optimize even more advanced features on our network.

Learn more about our SupraOracles partnership here, and stay connected to Unique Network on Twitter and Telegram.

About Unique Network

At Unique Network, we're excited to be a part of building a more efficient, sustainable, scalable, and completely customizable experience for the continued future and growth of the NFT market. From onboarding artists and digital design projects to building freemium games integrated with advanced NFTs, we're creating an ecosystem that we can't wait for you to become a part of. Check out some of the collections of unique digital assets that already live on our Network to get a taste of what we offer.

Whether you're a game developer, fashion designer, gallery owner, art collector, or just a crypto-curious person, Unique Network is the destination and infrastructure created directly for you and your NFT journey.

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