Fearless Wallet Dev Update #17

🎁 Slides & recording of the second dev sprint demo this year are available: Link

(https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1VtttHRL3ObVYTtITIfnIHpNGxAFzGOjv)πŸŽ‰ Progress on the Staking feature with the Recommended Validator option was presented

πŸ₯ž New development sprint has started β€” the team is focused on the Staking tab for different account roles (non-stash, stash, nominator, validator), including the first iteration of staking analytics

⛳️ The next public release is coming soon, which aims to deliver UX/UI improvements, MoonPay support for purchasing KSM and DOT with fiat, and phishing protection

🌈And more updates can be read here: https://polkaswap.medium.com/march-12-sora-polkaswap-and-fearless-dev-update-b75020bd4c74