What is Open Emoji Battler?

UPDATE: The new version of this post is available!

This post outlines Open Emoji Battler and our vision.

What is Open Emoji Battler? 👑

Open Emoji Battler is a decentralized indie game led by the community. This is a browser auto-battler game, and players battle strategically using emojis in competitive PvP matches. This project has been launched recently, but it's already playable.


This game has been built in the Polkadot ecosystem. The logic runs on-chain (smart contracts / Substrate), and the web frontend can be hosted on IPFS.

Vision ✨

We aim to make this project decentralized by using the full power of blockchain technology.

Most blockchain games use central servers with private source code, and they just make in-game assets into NFTs and FTs on the chain. The developer company manages the project and gain profit. That is a practical approach, but we believe we can develop a truly decentralized game.

Instead of being driven by a specific entity, Open Emoji Battler players build this project by themself and get rewards. The architecture, on-chain execution with fully opened source code, makes us possible to develop the community-owned game. Like some DeFi projects, we can advance in the DAO without a centralized structure.

It's not fully decentralized yet, but the groundwork is there.

Core Gameplay 🎮

This is a competitive strategy game inspired by popular auto-battler games. Players fight in four-player matches to increase their rates. After you build your deck, the match progresses with two repeated phases: shop and battle phases. In a shop phase, you upgrade your board by buying and selling emojis, and in a battle phase, your emojis automatically attack your opponent. Build your unique board with diverse emojis to defeat opponents!


To play this game, you need a wallet extension to your browser, but the trial version is available without the extension or account, so try first. For more detail, please check this page.

Plan 🚀

We are planning many exciting features, including gameplay upgrade, NFT, and Play-to-Earn. Currently, I am the only developer for this project, but I will expand the ops team to accelerate the development.

Also, we'll create opportunities for wide community members to get involved.

This project has just started. We'd like to hear feedback from the community. Our roadmap will be made based on your voice. The community is the key to this project, so join us and let's build the best game together!

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