1/ Last year, on Jan 23, PolkaWarriors first held the Polkadot ecosystem AMA series with Acala Network to introduce the vision of their DeFi Hub project to the community.

Today, 1 year later, Acala is completely ready to launch and fulfill that mission.

2/ Acala’s TTE not only marks a big milestone, but also represents the vision of Bette Chen, Ruitao Su & Dan Reecer during 2years of construction &bringing new &optimistic things to the Polkadot ecosystem. In only a few more days, DeFiHub on Polkadot will be officially launched.

3/ As the first parachain winner on Polkadot & Kusama, Acala Network is launching the first layer-1 chain customized for DeFi with aUSD decentralized stablecoin, $DOT liquid staking, Acala Swap & EVM+.

4/ They have achieved some wonderful results such as:

  • $600M+ TVL at launch & >200,000 token holders globally
  • Building the HyFi category, blending Fintech/banking with DeFi
  • http://Current.com’s 3M customers waiting to be onboarded into the yield product leveraging Acala

5/ Acala's TTE event not only makes #Dotsama community excited about the project, but also increases the confidence in the future of Polkadot, where parachains can achieve unexpected results. Let's countdown and cheers!