Acala's Inaugural Liquidity Mining

1/ AcalaNetwork recently announced that Bootstrap mode for LCDOT/DOT - the inaugural pair on Acala Swap has been live.

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Users can use Acala's 1-way $DOT bridge to bring $DOT to Acala.

2/ To celebrate the initiation of the Acala DeFi economy, the Acala Foundation has also announced the Acala Kickoff Rewards program with 1 million $ACA liquidity mining incentives.

3/ 1M $ACA rewards will be distributed to different pools on Acala Swap in 6 months.

The 1st month allocation is outlined with 50K, 75K, & 100K $ACA to be awarded to LPs to the initial pairs of LCDOT/DOT, LCDOT/aUSD, & ACA/aUSD, respectively.

4/ Acala has launched the Acala Dollar, a decentralized, multi-collateral stablecoin. Acala’s Decentralized Monetary Reserve and aUSD is the core of Acala’s DeFi ecosystem, which will serve as the stablecoin powering Dotsama ecosystem.

5/ aUSD minting is now live at with DOT and LCDOT as the first two accepted collateral assets.

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