AMA#39 Recap || PolkaWarriors x Zenlink

On Jan 13, Zenlink and PolkaWarriors together organized an AMA with the community to introduce Zenlink - an Cross-chain DEX protocol for better composability DEX on Polkadot.

“Zenlink is an underlying cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot and is committed to becoming the DEX composable hub of Polkadot. By accessing the ultimate, open, and universal cross-chain DEX protocol based on Substrate, Zenlink DEX Protocol enables all parachains to build DEX and achieve liquidity sharing in one click. Zenlink DEX Protocol includes Module, WASM, and EVM implementations, which are flexible and adaptable, allowing for customizable compositions and interoperability with different DeFi modules.

In addition, the Zenlink DEX Aggregator connects all DEX DApps on Polkadot and aggregates liquidity, providing a low slippage trading experience for users. Zenlink DEX Composable Hub enables developers to access the Zenlink DEX Module to build their own unique DEXs, forming a DEX composable hub for the Polkadot ecosystem.”

Below is a summary of the outstanding questions and answers from the AMA session.

1. Why did Zenlink choose to build on Polkadot? And what big projects has Zenlink cooperated with?


Good question. Although Zenlink is not a parachain project, we think substrate is a very potential technology framework. Developers can quickly build a parachain through modules. The parachain can handle more and more complex businesses than smart contracts. It is also a good way to increase the tps of blockchain

Our mission is to build an ultimate, open, and universal cross-chain DEX protocol for building DEX on Polkadot with one click. So making lots of parachain to integrate our DEX is very important. We have a very good relationship with other parachain projects like Moonbean, Bifrost, Chainlink, Astar, Phala, Manta, etc. You can check this in our Website:

2. As I know, strong backing and partnerships in the crypto market might bring huge benefits to new projects. During this point, can you tell us about the investors and partners of your project ? What benefits to the "Zenlink' ecosystem do you expect from them?


Yes, as you said, cooperating with other projects can bring us some benefits.

As investors, the most important for us is whether the institution can bring more help to the development of Zenlink, not just financial support.

So currently our main investment institutions have Alameda Research, Hashkey, IOSG, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, and Hypersphere, Continue.

Also when cooperating with the project, what we consider is whether the two projects have business cooperation now or in the future, and what is the technical strength of the project team.

Instead of cooperating for marketing or PR. We will continue to cooperate with more projects to bring better products to our users

3. Can you share the achievement the team has made so far? What is the major achievement target “Zenlink” is yet to achieve? If possible, also share your roadmap, mission, and vision.


In our Website you can see the roadmap of 2021, and what we did in 2021. Actually, Zenlink was established in August, 2020. We got 3 Web3 Grants in the first half of the year.

The roadmap of 2022 has been discussed within our team for several rounds, and we are still in the process of finalizing the roadmap. We strive to announce it to the community at the end of the month.

In 2020 and 2021, our team has completed every milestone in accordance with the prescribed roadmap, and I believe the same is true for 2022.

We expect to work hard in the three directions of NFT, DEX aggregator, and combined DEX.

NFT will explore three aspects: marketplace, equity NFT applications, and DAO;

DEX aggregator will work hard on substrate homogeneous aggregation and heterogeneous aggregation; DEX portfolio will cooperate with parachains and ecological projects to create universal combined products.

4. What's the focus of Zenlink now? Build and develop products, win customers and users or partnerships? Are there any plans to burn or block unsold Zenlink tokens?


In 2021, We were focusing on building the DEX infrastructure for Dotsama, and now we launched our DEX more than 3 month, but just a beginning, we need 2 more months to do the basic workings, then we will start the 2022 Roadmap, and the roadmap will be public soon.

If you checked our tokenomic, the 4% of Total supply is for Zenlink Foundation, and most of them for bringing in strategic talent and institutions

5. How secure is Zenlink? How has Zenlink developed technology and security to build Zenlink into a truly secure and reliable platform?


For us, safety is always the most important. I have been working in imToken for more than 3 years. imToken is the largest Ethereum wallet in the world, where our security awareness and habits are almost the best.

For Zenlink, code audit is basically, SlowMist helps us to do the audit. Then all of the computer cannot to connect the public WiFi, the password must generated by the professional tools, the private key must using multisign, etc

6. Currently, the market is becoming very bullish on the NFT trend. Can you share your opinion on NFT as a player in the NFT market? And do you have any plans with NFT?


NFT is an area of great interest to us, and if you're not new to Zenlink, I think you should know that Zenlink made a community NFT release in May 2021, and some early supporters who participated in the public beta test or community building received Zenlink NFTs.

I think NFT is a natural fit with DID, DAO, DeFi, and games, and even it will have the potential to represent underlying equity as an asset that is by no means limited to arts and collectibles.

Zenlink NFT will move in the direction of representing equity rather than the hype of digital assets. In the real world, everyone owns not only physical class assets, but also many equity class assets, but the circulation of the latter is often more difficult, and the emergence of blockchain and DeFi will solve that problem.

In 2022, Zenlink will launch an NFT-related product, the product design has been completed, so stay tuned.

7. I really love the X-Transfer function. Do you plan to integrate Moonriver & Moonbeam assets, it could be more useful, rather than using external Anyswap bridge?


Actually, we are promote it several days ago, very soon

8. On the left hand side, there is the NFT Crowdloan tab, and it still stated that it will be coming soon. Does it have anything to do with Kanaria or other NFT projects from other parachain?


lol, actually. The last 2 questions before I mentioned our NFT product completed, we will build it through RMRK

stay tuned.

9. A lot of DeFi users are more familiar with mobile, are you going to have a mobile version for zenlink DEX?


Yes, we will support the mobile version. If Zenlink is a single chain DEX, it's easier to build a mobile version. The most important is there is no mobile wallet that supports 2 or more parachains together very well.

In the live questions sections, Leo did answer several short questions from the Polka Warriors community.

1. How can Moonbeam benefit from the Zenlink Protocol?


Users make a blockchain get the values, Zenlink will help the parachain get more TVL and users

2. Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with in the near future?


Please go to our website to get the current partner. In the future, I think we will make more cooperation with Bridges, node service, etc

3. Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?


4. What are your upcoming plans for the community and as well as the ecosystem?


5. Currently from where I can buy it ? Is it possible that I can get it only by holding it?


please go to our DEX to try product,

6. Current NFT is a hot topic, but is NFT not just for art. Does your project think that more real world use cases will emerge for NFTs as time goes on, why should we take NFTs seriously?


We will try make NFT more useful, like DID, DAO, DeFi

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