InvArch Just Completed $1.75M Seed Round

1/ Recently, InvArch Network has completed $1.75M seed round to fund cross-chain IP utility & authentication in the Polkadot ecosystem. This round was led by HuobiGlobal, Waterdrip, Illusionist Group, Alves Ventures, Paka Fund, & Kernel Ventures.

2/ Web3.0 unlocks many things in our life: borderless finance, collectibles, etc. It also raises a question about ideas & creation or Intellectual Properties, in this wild decentralized jungle. Introducing InvArch Network - a network handling your IPs, in a decentralized manner.

3/ Their ideas are to connect ideas & finance under one platform, to let innovations easily grow. Ideas will be tokenized by creators & their IP are protected in the same manner as NFT. This allows token to be leveraged in business & helps to deliver ideas/innovations.

4/ InvArch is offering a network protocol to bridge the gap & connect a world of thinkers, creators & finance under one ecosystem, using tokenization of ideas, fractionalizing ownership & providing secure, transparent ecosystem where ppl connect, collaborate & form partnerships.

5/ In other words, InvArch is the guardian of IP within the rise of Web3.0. Their 4 pieces products include IPFs (Intellectual Property Files), IP Sets, IPTs (IP Token) & IP Modules. This will be realized when InvArch is connected as a parachain on Polkadot Relay later in 2022.

6/ InvArch was founded by Dakota Barnett. You can take a look at their website: or read their whitepaper to know more, several big names & exchanges already supported them like Huobi Capital and Gate.

7/ Follow them on Twitter (, Discord (, and Telegram ( to learn more, know what they did or just hang out with the devs!