Moonbeam - How to stake GLMR?

Yesterday, the distribution of $GLMR rewards to Take Flight participants has been completed & token holders can now use tokens to interact with the network by #staking & using live integrations in the ecosystem. Let's check our step-by-step instruction below & learn how to stake.

1/ Visit and select the account to connect to the dApp. Then, you need to add @MoonbeamNetwork as a custom network in #MetaMask.

2/ Upon accepting permissions and changing the network to #Moonbeam, you will be redirected to the main dashboard. To stake your $GLMR and earn #staking rewards, you need to be switched to Moonbeam in the top right corner.

3/ If you click on 'Select a collator', the collator menu will open up and you will be able to see data for each of the collators in the active and waiting pools.

4/ To initiate a delegation, click on the collator you would like to delegate. You need to verify the correct selected collator and the address, later enter the amount of tokens you would like to stake (The minimum bond amount is 50 GLMR). After that, click 'Delegate'.

5/ Later, the MetaMask will pop-up and you will be prompted to sign a transaction. If successful, you will see a Transaction confirmed notification & your dashboard will be updated to include the delegation.

6/ You can also make changes to delegation including bonding additional funds, reducing or revoking a delegation with some simple steps.

7/ For more details, check