What a busy week for the whole Dotsama ecosystem! Until now, we have had 6 parachains on Polkadot and 22 parachains on Kusama. This tweet thread will summarize everything happening last week. Check with us

1. 1/ Moonbeam Network had a successful start of the year with exciting news. Only 1 month after their launch to Polkadot, they have quickly achieved many interesting deployments and integrations.

2/ Some latest integrations on MoonbeamNetwork include Polkamarkets, Ignite Tournaments, Moonwell DeFi, Dapplooker, and Curve Finance.

2. 1/ Similar to Moonbeam Network, in such a short time, Acala Network has attracted a lot of projects to deploy on them & together build the DeFi Hub of the Polkadot ecosystem.

2/ This week, Acala Network team is also busy with a lot of important events. Apart from the opening of Bootstraps for 3 trading pairs, they also launched Polkadot’s Native Stablecoin - aUSD and Kickoff Rewards program with 1 million $ACA.

  1. Highlighted event of this week is ETH DENVER. It did happen with the participation of key projects in Polkadot ecosystem and has received a lot of attention from the community. https://twitter.com/Polkadot/status/1493706344293191686

4/ Binance Labs Made Strategic Investment in Manta Network for Web3 Privacy, which is an important milestone for their team. Besides, last week, they also hosted a morning event about Web3 Privacy discussion on Binance Live. https://twitter.com/MantaNetwork/status/1493589726980239370

5/ Subsocial Network announced to conduct a community and public sale on http://tokensoft.io. https://twitter.com/SubsocialChain/status/1493680760523476994

6/ Taiga Protocol's "Explore the Magical Trail" event has started. https://twitter.com/TaigaProtocol/status/1491601842198888452

7/ Hydra DX team reached their target & became the ninth winner of parachain auction on Polkadot. https://twitter.com/DotMarketCap/status/1491941234998267906

8/ KICO Network won the next slot of Kusama parachain auction. https://twitter.com/DotMarketCap/status/1493232966080012288

9/ Composable Finance released their ecosystem overview with the vision of blockchain-agnosticism for the DeFi space stems from the recognition of cross-chain interoperability as the next major frontier for Web3 development. https://twitter.com/ComposableFin/status/1494760092234829827

10/ Subspace Network - an open, scalable platform for both storage and compute that is fully interoperable with any layer one, have announced to support many key projects in the Dotsama ecosystem.

11/ Curve Finance, the most popular exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum + LARGEST DeFi protocol by TVL, arrived on Moonbeam Network. https://twitter.com/MoonbeamNetwork/status/1493314356712546309

12/ If you haven’t known which one is the best iOS wallet for Pokadot and Kusama ecosystem, let’s download NovaWallet here: https://t.co/8b5PNW0yjF

13/ Some projects should be on your radar including Gear Techs, Subsquid, Exosama, InvArch Network, Subspace Network, Joystream, Firefly Protocol, Taiga Protocol, & Angular Finance.

14/ Bifrost Finance released the collator public beta test. https://twitter.com/bifrost_finance/status/1493248690009833475

15/ Mangata Finance crowdloan is coming. https://twitter.com/MangataFinance/status/1493294730381303810

16/ SUPERCOLONY - The First virtual WASM conference will be FUNDED by Polkadot TREASURY. https://twitter.com/supercolony_net/status/1493959932785352712

17/ Subsquid launched Ambassador Program. https://twitter.com/subsquid/status/1492187242198183941

18/ BTCS added Kusama to its Blockchain Infrastructure Operations.

See more at: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2022/01/24/2371634/0/en/BTCS-Adds-Kusama-to-its-Blockchain-Infrastructure-Operations.html

19/ Polkadot Files module is now LIVE for all Polkadot ecosystem users, including relay and parachain users. https://twitter.com/CrustNetwork/status/1494241121123586048

20/ A NodleX Collection decentralized NFT was up for sale on RmrkApp. https://twitter.com/NodleNetwork/status/1494036202818727937