An Interview With the Creator of Spunkbits

Last week, we got to have a chat with Razi Mohd, one of Kusama and Singular's most popular crypto artists whose work has found love in the eyes of the Kusama community. If you're unfamiliar with him, then check out his Spunkbits collection on Singular and see for yourself why they are appreciated.

It was a fun and insightful interview and you can read it below.

1. How did you get into NFTs and are you fulltime?


Honestly, I just stumbled upon the concept of NFTs, while trying to read about Crypto in general. I started reading about Crypto very recently back in Dec 2020. After Bitcoin, the most fascinating topic to read was NFTs without a doubt. Am not involved full-time in NFTs as of now. But yes, the way things have started for me with Spunkbits, I really see myself doing a lot more with NFTs in the future.

2. What are your thoughts on decentralization?


Am just amazed by the amount of transparency and control, decentralization brings back to the people. Coming from a software development background, I thought open-source software was the most open and fair thing out there. But the concept of decentralization takes it to a whole new level. In simple words, it just feels like a world of endless possibilities to me right now.

3. What do you aim to achieve with your pieces?


Recognition. People loving your work is the most beautiful feeling for an artist. Also, I feel 3D artists are one of the most unappreciated species out there, a lot of the credit for this goes to the centralized marketplaces.

4. Why Spunkbits?


I love SubstraPunks. It may be because these are the first NFTs I owned. I learned a lot about NFTs in this wonderful community. Spunkbits is my way of bringing in more engagement and visibility to SubstraPunks and also giving it back in a way.

5. What are you working on?


Right now, the priority is to complete the Spunkbits collection. When I started Spunkbits, I was really unsure of how this will shape up. But after seeing the feedback I received from RMRK and Unique communities, I am full of enthusiasm and energy. Once the collection is complete, I will plan on ways to make the idea of Spunkbits grow further, increase community involvement, and make sure that these do not end up only as Collectibles.

6. How do you see the NFT space shaping up?


With Polkadot ecosystem enabling seamless communication between networks, I believe NFTs are going to play crucial role in all domains. DeFi, Gaming, Advertising, Traditional Art.. everything can be (and is being) revolutionized with NFTs. Imagine purchasing a gun in Call Of Duty and being able to use it in Fortnite too. True Ownership.

7. What are your thoughts on Kanaria and do you hodl an egg?


Yes I do. I have a couple of them actually. Kanaria is going to be an example of what next generation NFTs will be. NFTs owning other NFTs is a path breaking concept and am sure it will turn a lot more heads once the birds come out with their accessories and what not. :)

8. Imagine a use case for RMRK 2.0 powered NFTs


I'd love to see Spunkbit Costumes, Accessories or even Sneakers being traded on the market. Not only that, I imagine them being used in Metaverse.. thats one reason I just loved the recent Bit Country announcement.

What an interesting guy. We are really excited to see what he does with the Spunkbits collection. Join us on telegram to meet the NFT artists, collectors, and enthusiasts shaping the future of NFTs on Kusama.

Oh...and if you were wondering, Mohd is an indian living in India.