Best Practices for Creating NFTs on Singular

In the past month, we’ve noticed a significant uptrend in new artists and collectors on Singular. We are particularly happy to see increased sales for artists. However, we are deeply disturbed by some of the activities going on and so we’ve written this post to address them. First, we’ll begin with the main issues.

1. Blatant Plagiarism

Any self-respecting artist will never plagiarize (copy) another person’s work or even theirs. To do so is to become an art thief and that’s depressing.

2. Stylish Plagiarism

Some people (we were gonna call them artists but true artists don’t steal directly) believe that making a few modifications to a piece of art makes it less plagiarized. Well, that’s wrong. Copying a 2D artwork into 3D doesn’t make it a new piece of art. It has still been stolen.

We want our artists to drink from the freedom offered by NFTs, we want them to be happy and rich. Hence, we have outlined these few best practices.

Singular Best practices - for artists

  1. Don’t remint pieces that you’ve already sold — this should go without saying. By minting a piece as a 1/1 and selling it, you are giving the collector the glorious feeling of owning your art. When you remint this piece (either on Singular or another platform), you are essentially stealing from the collector who loved your work enough to give you money for it. How would you feel if you were in the same shoes?
  2. Make it clear to buyers how many times you’ll remint a piece if you’ll be reminting it — in the case that you believe your art is too valuable or good to be minted only once, it is only fair and sensible to inform the collectors ahead of time. You can simply do this by adding the information to the description of the piece when you mint (the first time as well as all other times). It’s about trust. By doing this, your collectors will have more trust in you and hence, you will get more sales.
  3. Don’t mint other people's work — this is straight-up stealing. Please, do not do this. However, you can mint another person’s work if they have given the permission/rights to mint it.
  4. If you’re going to mint multiples of an item consider making it a collection -- i.e. 1/40 of a duplicated piece so people can know how rare it is
  5. Don’t start collections you don’t plan on finishing (finish what you started) — if not, collectors who bought from you the first time will not buy again, believing that you’re incompetent, or worse, a fraud.
  6. Add a link to your portfolio or project website — this helps people to see your past work. It's never a bad idea to give people more art to browse.
  7. Add an identity and contact information — this helps to prove your legitimacy as a human being. Futher, people are more open to buying from artists that they can contact (if they wanted to).

There are a lot of opportunities for artists to make it in the NFT space. Being dishonest is the quickest way to ruin your chances. If you're struggling with how to release an artwork, feel free to reach out to the community on Telegram. Also, read our interview with artists who have already launched successfully on Singular, you'll be sure to learn a trick or two.

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