Bifrost and Promo Team Referral Distribution


Fulfilling our Viking oath with Bifrost, the RMRK team have just minted special backgrounds and sent them to all crowdloan contributors who loaned more than 10 KSM.

If you belonged to this list, you should now have one copy of one of these NFTs in your inventory. If you have a Kanaria bird, you can also equip this background into its card.

Tip: Inspect the catalogue to find other backgrounds, items, or even birds if you don't have one!

Huginn and Muninn have also graced us with their presence, in eggs 9997 and 436 respectively.

Muninn looks a bit.. funny.. because the owner already had some fun with him!

Truly an epic pair, it is said the account who holds them both at the same time during Ragnarok will be showered with Odin's gifts. What those may be and when this might happen is anyone's guess - best to keep an eye on RMRK's Twitter or to sign up for the newsletter to learn more.


One of our first partners was the prolific PromoTeam. Their campaign included a special foreground item called Parachan which has now been distributed to matching birds.

If you qualify, you should now have a copy of this NFT in your Nest on

When you put these two epic things together, birds take on a whole new dimension:

More distributions of partner items are coming soon!

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