Diamond Wing Land — Just little Sidestory

This is my side story.

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He opened his eyes and saw an unfamiliar sky and flying Skylands.

“What happened?”

It looked like a man, middle-aged. At first glance it was hard to tell if he had gnome blood or blood from another race. He looked perfectly normal.

As he stood up, he looked around him. He was surrounded by a strange jungle, not at all tall and as if it had been cut down by someone. He staggered a few steps and collapsed exhausted. The last thing he remembered were voices. Human voices.

When he woke up again, he was sitting in a big chair and wearing clean clothes.

Opposite him sat a man whose face was partly composed of metal inserts, and under his arms flaunted a holster, as if merging with him. He looked like a robot, but he was human.

-My name is Maghaizen, I am the head of this land. You are in the territory of the Diamond Wing land and if you can’t explain to me how you got here, you will die.

But the Man was not afraid of this ultimatum and proudly looked at his interlocutor and said:

-Now I’ll tell you everything I remember. If after that you think I shouldn’t live, so be it.

He pulled the memories of Jord, of the Last Spell and the last minutes before it all happened, out of his mind with a heavy persistence.

Maghaizen listened very attentively and never interrupted once.

-Good. You passed the test. I just got your tests back on my internal memory. You’re a human being of pure blood. However, we still need to figure out how you got here.

Maghaizen was very interested in this man. After all, over decades of evolution, humans have greatly transformed and now look more like living robots.


They spent many weeks together. The Man was interested in everything and proved to be very smart. Walking in the central district, he suddenly heard the hum of a siren, which was interrupted by the noise of the activation of an electric dome above the land. It was a breathtaking sight.

He saw large flying beasts that looked like dragons trying in vain to penetrate the dome’s defenses. The human-like dwarves that attacked the Diamond Wing were beating on the protective dome to no avail. He did not hear Maghaizen appear behind him.

-They are orcs. Once upon a time humans mixed their blood with dwarves and began to live in caves.

-But why are you at war with them?

-It’s a long story. I came to this land when it was still just a jungle. There weren’t these technological structures and all the life support. All I remember is the fanciful red trees along the trail where water ran down, a few drops fell on me and burned my skin. It was poisonous water.

He showed some scars on his arm.

Since then I began to create life here. Later I met my friend Novak. We worked together on the sustenance of this land. But it just so happened that we fell in love with the same girl. She was a dwarves. One day he stole her and took her to another Skyland. They mixed blood, created offspring. I don’t remember who started that war anymore. But now they are orcs and they are against us. Let me show you something.

They walked into a large, bizarre building. They walked for a long time through the various corridors, constantly sinking lower and lower underground. Finally, Maghaizen opened the last door, and they entered.

The Man saw a huge mechanical structure in the center of the room. It was a mixture of technology and magic. Undoubtedly, magic was present.

-But you said magic was forbidden!

-Yes, but as you can see, I have some powers. It’s a time machine. I used to know a Kanaria named Diamond Wing. He was very fond of people, and we became friends. Sometimes he would share his secrets with me. This time machine we created together to make life on our land better. We had a rule not to interfere in the course of human life, only to correct the mistakes of nature. Before he died, I promised him that I would never break that rule. But the time machine doesn’t work now. It needs mana, it needs a spell, which I have no way of getting right. Usually Diamond Wing did it, and I thought I could do it again easily, but I was wrong.

Maghaizen, started pacing the room nervously. It was as if he was trying to remember him. He kept saying the same phrase over and over in a different way.

Capturing the notes and intonation of the phrase, it was as if the Man was remembering something distant, something familiar. The longer Maghaizen continued to say it, the clearer it became in the Man’s mind.

Suddenly the Man uttered this phrase, and the time machine began to play with new colors, as if the engine had started. Maghaizen looked at him in surprise. And the Man, feeling inspired, uttered another phrase.

He opened his eyes again. It was the jungle again. He looked around, trying to figure out where Maghaizen had gone, the time machine, or was it all a dream?

He was walking along a path lined with red trees. Suddenly something burned his hand, and he saw water droplets dripping from his arm, leaving scars. Exactly the same scars he’d seen on Maghaizen.

But how? Suddenly he understood everything. Maghaizen is him in the future. The man who had become the leader and founder of this land. Now he had to go through it all over again. The main question remained to be decided: to keep his word to Kanaria by allowing the war to happen again, or to intervene by keeping his friend.

Maghaizen was walking down the path toward a new or old future.

Shall we start building?

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