Hacktoberfest at RMRK: Hack, draw, or design Kanaria wearables

The RMRK team is proud to announce a hackathon for the duration of October, coinciding with Hacktoberfest, in partnership with ecosystem champions like Phala, Paka, and Ampnet.io!

Timeline and Judging

  • hack and submit until October 31st
  • winners will be announced in November, probably first week
  • judging will be done by the RMRK team

The requirements

  • one-person teams are okay
  • output must be a usable (non-draft, non-mockup), open source tool, application, or project
  • submissions must be links to github repos showing how to try things out, and if possible a live URL on which to test the product if it's browser-runnable

The rewards

Apart from an NFT for every participant who delivers something runnable, we have the following pool in mind:

  • 10000 USD per category paid in USD-pegged stablecoin of choice
    • 1st place 6000 USD
    • 2nd place 3000 USD
    • 3rd place 1000 USD

With 5 main categories, this brings the total reward to 50000 USD.

Additionally, sponsors can get in touch about contributing to a category's pool, one per category. The RMRK association will top up the amount to a total of 10k, but will then spend the gained extra on marketing and promotion of the event, and funding new categories or specific ideas.

Winning teams or persons will also probably be approached about a job at RMRK.

We also have non-technical categories for the creatives and artists among you.

For details, please see the hackathon website.

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