Natural is Better: Art Contest Amendment

As the art contest snapshot deadline looms (May 31st, noon CEST), people have resorted to scripted interactions with the open RMRK protocol in order to farm emotes and win the contest. This has, understandably, disappointed some of the natural emoters.

Note: to join the contest as an illustrator, read the post linked above and join this TG group.

In RMRK's continuing efforts to be as fair as possible to everyone, we cannot in good faith change the rules at the end of a contest (discard the scripts after the fact), but we can even out the terrain a bit.

Since it's easy to identify scripted emotes, everyone who emoted exclusively naturally on ALL of their birds enters into an additional top 15 threshold which we'll pool together with the top 25 (which include scripted birds). This means we're throwing another $15000 into the reward pot of the contest.

The additional 15 will not include scripted birds - so birds which were verifiably scripted will be excluded, and these will be only natural-emote birds.

This means:

  • if you have 10 eggs and you scripted just one of them, you do not qualify with any of your eggs for entry into the extra 15.
  • if you have 1 egg, and you emoted only naturally on it, you do qualify.
  • if you have 10 eggs, and you emoted only naturally on all of them, all your eggs qualify if they have enough emotes.

We're sorry the scripting diminished the social element of Kanaria for some of you. This is a learning experience for all of us, and every failure teaches us something important, perhaps more so than a success.

Thanks for your patience and dedication, community! You're the best flock we could have wished for! ❤


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