Rapid Account Verification on Kusama

Note: VERIFIED requirement removed! It seems that the UX barrier of verifying an identity on Kusama is still too high, so we only require SET identities, not VERIFIED now.

We introduced the identity barrier into the Kanaria pre-claim process to prevent big holders from easily making a lot of accounts and snatching them up quickly. However, given the UX barrier of the verification process, a lot of people were unfairly held back.

With that in mind, we're publishing this fast explainer process on how to get your identity set up. You need:

This is a shorter version of this wiki post.

Step 1: Setting an identity

  • Go to kusama.dotapps.io.
  • Go to the Accounts screen.
  • Pick "Set on-chain identity" from your account's drop-down menu
  • Input either the email address, Twitter username, or both.

Confirm and send the transaction. This will cost some tiny fee, and reserve 1.6 KSM. If you ever clear your identity, you will get the 1.6 KSM back!

The result is a grey circle next to your account address:

That's it! The rest of this post is optional, but beneficial (verified identities that hold on to their eggs might get some benefits later). You can join the pre-claim!

(Optional) Step 2: Judgement

W3F runs a community-focused registrar service which auto-verifies Twitter and Email accounts.

If you are verifying a Twitter account, you MUST follow the W3F Registrar account first.

0 is the number of the registrar, first registrar in the system, and 0.04 is the fee for being verified: 40 miliKSM (~$2).

  • click Submit Transaction and submit it.
  • the registrar will contact you

(Optional) Step 3: Verification

  • You will get a message in your email inbox (check spam!), or your Twitter DM, depending on the method you chose - or both if both. If it didn't arrive yet, please give it a few minutes, up to an hour. If it still hasn't arrived by then, please ask in Kusama Watercooler (Element) or Kusama Watercooler (Discord).
  • Copy the Challenge part from the message
  • Go to Developer -> Sign and Verify and paste the challenge data into the input
  • Click Sign Message
  • Reply to the bot with the signed message (signature of supplied data)

Make sure you reply only with that data, so the bot can correctly parse it.


That's it! Your account will soon have a green checkmark and you can join the pre-claim!

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