RMRKable Unifty Birds

Unifty and RMRK have teamed up to improve the NFT experience across the Kusama ecosystem.

Read the announcement here: https://uniftyio.medium.com/rmrk-app-and-unifty-team-up-to-bring-no-code-nft-nft-tools-and-artists-to-the-kusama-network-a3536bea53fd

To celebrate this collaboration while the Kanaria fundraiser is still going on, the RMRK team is adding a special cosmetic trait onto all birds hatched from eggs claimed via the special Unifty referral link!

Every bird will get a non-transferable (but removable) unicorn horn.

via Flickr

... err okay maybe not like this.

The probabilities are as follows:

Bird typeCommon horn chanceRare horn chanceLegendary horn chance
Limited edition100%5%0%

This doesn't mean the Founder bird gets two horns. It means that the minimum it can get is a rare horn. The rolls happen from rarest to most common, so if a bird fails a Legendary roll, it rolls for Rare. If it fails to roll for Rare, it gets the Common horn. In short, every bird gets a horn, but the Founders have most chance to get a Legendary, with the Rares probably having the best bang for buck.

Who knows, maybe one day Unifty will give you special platform bonuses if you own a horned bird 😏

How to Claim a Bird

  • you need a Polkadot JS Extension wallet.
  • you need some KSM inside that wallet, depending on which egg you want.
  • you go to all eggs and find an unclaimed egg you like, then claim it!

There are step by step videos available on the RMRK YouTube channel.


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