Singular Changelog 9

In this edition:

  • bulk migrate now possible
  • combined volume view across RMRK1 and RMRK2 now possible
  • multi-resource carousel
  • NFT searching in the UI
  • minor UX and UI fixes

Bulk Migrate

It is now possible to select several NFTs in your space and migrate them at once, rather than one by one.

Combined Volume

We added a toggle to sum the volume of a properly migrated RMRK1 collection with its RMRK2 collection.

Multi-resource Carousel

You can now inspect multi-resource NFTs right from people's spaces or the explore and home page by flipping through resources. The carousel should be familiar to users of Airbnb or e-commerce sites. The NFT card will also contain an icon indicating that an NFT is multi-resource.

NFT search

You can now search NFTs by name in your space and on the NFT Explore page.

Minor UX and UI fixes

  • NFT cards no longer contain the USD value in KSM. Inspecting the NFT in detail will show it, but to reduce card-view noise, we opted to focus on KSM value only. This is us preparing the terrain for xcRMRK as a purchase currency too.
  • When burning Skybreach land vouchers on Singular, the UI will now check whether your input is a valid EVM address