Renaming The Web App - Sub Contest

Currently, the name Subsocial is used for the blockchain, and this web app, which causes confusion. We are going to rename the web app, and want to crowdsource some ideas for a new name.

Note: We are NOT looking to rename the blockchain, just this web app, which will be only one out of many web apps in the future.

Please submit your name ideas below, in the comments of this post. The winning entry will be a name that we like and can find a suitable domain for. The winner will receive a reward of 500 SUB.

Some keywords include social, network, and graph. However, we are open to random words like Amazon, or made up words, like Imgur or Lyft.

The contest will end on March 22nd at 5PM UTC. We reserve the right to not choose a winner if none of the entries are used.


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