More Features for Sub.ID!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Once again, Sub.ID's feature set has been expanded!

We have added support for Statemine tokens, and asked the community what tokens they wanted to be added. Obviously, we added $RMRK, but we also added $CHAOS, $CHRWNA, and $BAILEGO. As usual, your balance and the token price (if trading) are shown.

Additionally, we have added dropdown menus to every chain in the Balances section, allowing you to see your transferrable balance and any reserved balance, such as identity or governance bonds. Support for Bifrost has finally been added as well.

You may have noticed the third viewing option as well. We have added charts to the Balances and Crowdloans section.

The bar chart will show your reserved/bonded balance and your transferable balance for each support chain. If you prefer pie, we have added that too.

Last, and certainly not least, the NFT section now supports Kanaria! In addition to Singular RMRK NFTs, there is a filter for Kanaria RMRK NFTs, so you can view your nest on Sub.ID (or spy on other nests).

We'll be in touch soon about that infamous 2nd round of the Dotsama Token Claim!

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