October 2021 In Review

Lots of exciting things are on the horizon (as you may have heard), but let's take a look back at October and see what we have been up to.


Quite a few improvements were made to Sub.ID in October. First, we added a few tokens from Statemine, such as $RMRK and $CHAOS, as well as adding support for Kanaria NFTs. Additionally, details were added to all chains in the Balances section to show your transferable, reserved, locked, and frozen balance for that chain. 

We also added bar and pie charts to the Balances and Crowdloans sections to provide a nice visual aid. Next, we added links to Subscan/Statescan for each individual chain that is supported, and updated the Crowdloan section to include a Contribute button that will let you contribute to ongoing crowdloans. Last but not least, we added QR code support for each chain's address, which can be handy when attending events in person.

The Dotsama Token Claim

October featured rounds 2 and 3 of The Dotsama Token Claim. While the first round in September took around 3 hours to end, round 2 ended in 18 minutes, and round 3 finished in just 5 minutes and 30 seconds. In order to provide our community with better service, we beefed up our web server for round 3 and it handled it like a champ. Speaking of which, round 4 will be held before November 8th, but we will announce a more specific time in the coming days.

Profile Spaces

While profile spaces have not been released yet, we announced last month that we will be making this change soon. Currently, users can set profile information on their account, as well as on their spaces. We felt this was redundant, and will be removing the account profile options. Once this change goes live, users will need to designate one of their spaces as their profile space, and the profile information of that space will be used for the user's account, regardless of what space they are posting in. Again, this is still a work in progress, but it will be implemented eventually.


Sub0, the biggest Substrate conference of the year, was held online from October 13–14th. Our founder, Alex Siman, gave a presentation on Decentralized Social Networking, highlighting how Substrate allows us to build a custom blockchain tailored for the purpose of social interactions. Subsocial features custom pallets that handle posts, likes, comments, and more. A recording of the presentation can be seen here.

Open Positions

We are still hiring. Thank you to everyone that has filled out our application form so far. Unfortunately, we are so short on time and manpower that it is hard to find the time to hire people, so please bear with us. We are especially looking for technical developers with knowledge of Rust to help us continue building the Subsocial blockchain and TypeScript full-stack developers to improve our web dapps.

Subsocial's Crowdloan

As you may have seen, we have been teasing our upcoming crowdloan. An official announcement with all of the details is coming soon. We are currently working on migrating the Subsocial blockchain to a parachain candidate chain so that we can start our crowdloan.

Lots of exciting things are on the way! We are building as fast as we can with what we have. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.

Subsocial is an open protocol for decentralized social networks and marketplaces. It's built with Substrate and IPFS. Learn more


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