Polkadot.js Integrates Sub.ID!

The rocket ship never stops!

The great folks over at Parity just accepted our request to include a link to Sub.ID on the accounts page in Polkadot.js, next to the links for Subscan, Polkastats, etc.

You can now easily pull up the Sub.ID page for any of your accounts straight from the wallet.

The buttons may not show up if you have a small monitor, but if you click on the name of the account (next to the identicon), a window will slide out from the right side of the screen, and the buttons will also be shown there at the bottom.

Do note that this only works on chains that we have integrated with Sub.ID so far. If you are a member of a team building a Substrate chain that is not yet integrated, please get in contact with us via Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.


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