Say Hello To Profile Spaces

We have gotten a lot of feedback expressing confusion about how Subsocial is laid out. Coming from Web2 sites, everyone is used to having a profile, but the concept of Spaces can result in confusion. What is the difference between a Space and a profile?

Well, it doesn't really matter anymore, as we are planning to merge a lot of the aspects of profiles into Spaces.

Currently, you can edit your profile to include an avatar, profile name, and bio, while also making as many Spaces as you want, with each of those also having a picture, bio, and more.

We are planning to remove these profile options. Instead, users will be able to designate a single Space (that they own) as their Profile Space, which will act as the source for their profile information: avatar, name, and bio.

For example, Bill Laboon will likely set his Profile Space to this one.

Then, if you go to Bill's profile, he will appear with that picture and the name Bill's Polkadot Digest. This information will also show up if you go to his profile page.

It is likely that Bill will either change the name of this Space to be just Bill Laboon and continue posting his Polkadot Digest (just like he does on Twitter), or he will create another Space named "Bill Laboon" to set as his Profile Space.

Picking a Profile Space is not required if you are fine with remaining pseudonymous, with no profile, but you will need to create a Profile Space if you want to have a profile.

Please go ahead and set up a Space that you wish to use as your Profile Space ahead of time, as we will be removing profile information from all accounts. Once this change is live, you will be able to go to that Space and set it as your Profile Space.

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