Some Clarification On A Dual-Chain Subsocial

Our model of a solochain and a parachain is brand new, and likely to cause some confusion, so we are here to clarify what exactly is happening, and why we chose this route.

In essence, we had three options:

  1. Have the parachain be fully functional
  2. Develop off-chain posting for the parachain
  3. Only enable posting on the solochain

Option #1 would have led to the parachain being bloated. We have been advised to keep the parachain as lightweight as possible, so that it can perform effectively at the tasks it needs to - the tasks that the solochain cannot perform, like interoperating with other parachains.

Option #2, while a good solution for scalability, will take a reasonable time to develop. This was not a good solution, as we are launching soon.

Option #3 was the most realistic, and was chosen. It is likely that once developed, we will also have off-chain posting on the parachain in the future. In this case, the web app will support both chains, showing content aggregated from both to create a rich experience.

In the short term, the parachain will be used for integrations with other parachains and social finance features, like tipping and social tokens, where it is better to rely on Kusama's superior security. It will also support a few other cool social features, like one of our secret projects that is in the works, but should be revealed soon.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord or Telegram to ask!