Sub.ID's Sidebar & Translation

Today, Sub.ID gets a facelift. The team has added a sidebar, and a Russian translation!

Originally this was not needed, but over the last 8 months we have added more features, like the NFT section, and the crowdloan sections have kept growing. Due to this, the home page became quite long, and these sidebars can help you navigate around much faster.

Speaking of crowdloans, more have been added: Turing Network, Dora Factory, Tanganika, Listen Network, Geminis, Polkadex, and Unique Network.

Additionally, each section on the home page has been shrunk. To expand it, click the "Show all" button, or the corresponding button on the sidebar.

As always, feel free to suggest features for Sub.ID, and please report any bugs you find.

Also, we heard the development team has been testing our domains and free transaction systems. It sounds like they are getting ready to ship…

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