Sub.ID v0.2.4

With Sub.ID's newest release, we have added 2 more features: links to each account's Subscan and Statescan pages, and information about locked balances for each chain.

Subscan and Statescan

Subscan is a block explorer that supports a large amount of Substrate chains. Each row in the Balances section features a clickable Subscan icon that will take you to the Subscan page for that account on that chain. A link to each account's Statemine page has also been added to the Statemine assets section, so you can view that Statemine account on Statemine's block explorer. These additions will make it even easier do blockchain sleuthing, and provides a quick and easy way to get to the Subscan pages of your own accounts.

Locked Balances

Previously we just showed reserved balances, but now locked balances are shown as well. What is the difference? Reserved tokens are not usable for anything, whereas locked tokens are able to be used for other things that would also lock them (such as staking and voting in governance). Essentially, reservations are exclusive, while locks can be stacked.

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