The Fleet Is Heading Out

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that The Spacers Program will be ending after this season, on Monday, December 27th, at 12:00 AM UTC. With the impending launch, we think it is time to let the birds fly on their own. The two main goals of The Spacers Program, building our community and improving the breadth of our token distribution, have been accomplished.

Tipping is already built on the blockchain side, but we are still working on implementing it into the UI of our web app - it should be available soon. This will allow productive community members the opportunity to monetize their content on the Subsocial platform, and earn SUB. We are also looking into a few ideas on how to incentivize content creation using the Subsocial Treasury.

The Spacers Program was an ambassador program, and we will continue to have an ambassador program, just in a different form. Details on this are still being finalized, but it will likely include most or all of the current officers and notable/promising members of The Spacers Program who have not become officers yet - the true ambassadors of the Subsocial platform. We believe this reformation will enable us to be more focused in our efforts to expand awareness of Subsocial.

We want to express our most heartfelt thanks to all of our community members who have participated in The Spacers Program. There have been some amazing contributions, and we have all had some good laughs at the memes created (we may continue the weekly meme contests). More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Onward to the mainnet!

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