Why Subsocial Is The Best

We launched our parachain on Kusama at the beginning of January, and distributed crowdloan rewards last month. We are operating with a 2 chain model: a more performant solochain and a more secure parachain. All tokens and financial stuff will happen on the parachain, including locking up tokens to earn free tx on the solochain, where the social networking will happen.

We are also working on a universal usernames solution that will be better than ENS, and improving our DevEx to help create a thriving ecosystem on our platform.

With regards to Lens, DeSo, and the rest, we have some unique selling points. Because we are building our own purpose built blockchains, we can have this free tx model, where as something like Lens can't, since it's just a dapp built on top of another chain. Also by being part of the Kusama ecosystem, we get access to all of the other innovations in the space, like DeFi, DIDs, and prediction markets, almost free of charge. Isolated chains like DeSo and Hive can't compete with this. Financial transactions on Subsocial will also have a high level of security from the get-go because it's secured by Kusama, vs something like Hive, where the security level is directly tied to the market cap of the project.